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Help us save ya'an dogs in chengdu, China


In Sichuan Province, Chengdu, China, there is an old Auntie who runs the Ya'an dog shelter with over 1,000 dogs. Auntie buys these dogs from trucks headed to the slaughterhouse. She also tries to save dogs from abandonment and negligent situations. While Auntie has a beautiful heart and loves the dogs, she is old and doesn’t have enough money or help to run the shelter.  Many of the dogs are sick, some with very treatable conditions and there is never enough food to go around.

On November 11, 2020, the local government informed Auntie that the shelter will need to be vacated and demolished. There are over 100 dogs in the lower shelter area and there are over 900+ dogs in the two other shelter areas. We're desperately working on relocating the 100+ dogs first to a few temporarily boarding places and hope to continue to be able to pull more dogs out of the shelter as quickly as possible. If the dogs cannot be relocated to another safe place, they will all be put down. 


This is a dire situation for the Ya'an shelter dogs. There are dogs dying everyday in there due to lack of food, lack of care in such harsh horrific environment.


Please help in saving these pups, they all deserve a chance to live the life they deserve. Donations can be made in either the GoFundMe link above, PayPal ( or Venmo (@ipa_woof)


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